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Thank you so much for stopping by!


I am so honored and thrilled to have your support. It means the world to me!


Please don't hesitate to reach out.

xoxo- Cait

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Meet the MAker

Caitlin's love for beauty and adoration for creation is what lies in the center of Ex's And Oh's Studio. Her passion for art and design as well as desire to build a life that she would be proud of are what fueled the first few steps of courage into launching exsandohs. Caitlin started working with clay in April 2020, launched her first company a month and a half later and never looked back. Today, Ex's And Oh's Studio is located in 2 stores and salons all around The Triangle.


"Ex's And Oh's Studio represents more than just a beacon of celebration for individuals to dig deep within themselves, to realize the unique beauty they have to offer, to walk in fullness of authenticity and to share it with the world"- Caitlin Mattachione, Creator/Designer 



Questions? Please don't hesitate to contact me!

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